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Our Stasher bag is made of pure platinum food-grade silicone that can be used in the microwave, sous vide machine and even a standard oven — up to 200°c.

Endlessly reusable ideally for zero wasters, it is also freezer safe allowing you to prep meals ahead of time and easily store your leftovers.

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I now own 4 of these and I am always wanting more. These bags (specifically this sandwich size) are everything you could dream of to cut down on plastic waste! I use them to store leftover fruits and veggies, as ice packs in the summer, for marinades, to freeze leftovers... the list really could go on and on. If you're on the fence about buying you will not be disappointed. The best part is they're so easy to clean either by hand or throwing them in the dishwasher!

- Kathleen M.

I love these bags. It’s amazing to find new uses for them. The snack sizes will hold any snack you can imagine. I’ve cooked an omelet in one. I freeze cooked bacon in one. They are great for storing dried fruit pieces and raisins in the pantry. I carry one in my lunch bag. It’s filled with wet wipes, flossers, eyeglass cleaner, mints, ibuprofen packets, and a reusable spoon and fork. And they go right into the dishwasher.

- Victoria A.

Love these snack size stashers!! I use them to store cheese, herbs, fruits & veggies in the fridge and pack snacks in them when leaving the house. So happy that I no longer contribute to the landfill with unnecessary plastic! Also the colors make me happy.

- Jenna G.

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